Exterior Detailing

LEVEL 1 - Protection Detail

Our Level 1 detail thoroughly cleans and protects the exterior of your vehicle. It’s a great way to keep your ride looking fresh, but will not correct any swirls or scratches in the paint.

The process begins with a foam bath and a gentle hand wash. Then the paint is treated to remove stuck-on contaminants (iron contaminants, road tar, tree sap etc).

A one step polish & wax is machine applied to add shine & protection to the paint. The exterior trim is hydrated & sealed with a silica spray, and the tires are shined to add the final touch.


With 3 month paint protection:

Small $150

Medium $175

Large $199 


With 1 year paint protection:

Small $225

Medium $250

Large $275 

LEVEL 2 - Gloss + Protection detail

This is the perfect option for those who want to add high gloss to their paint and make it more visually appealing without breaking the bank.


We start by thoroughly washing & decontaminating the vehicle. The majority of our time in this detail is spent polishing the paint, which will remove light swirls & scratches and add optical clarity & depth-of-color to the paint. 


After polishing, the plastic trim is hydrated & sealed with a silica spray, tire shine is applied and windows are cleaned.




With 1 year paint sealant:

Small $499

Medium $599

Large $699


With 2+ year ceramic coating:

Small $899

Medium $999

Large $1,099


With 5+ year ceramic coating:

Small $1,299

Medium $1,399

Large $1,499

LEVEL 3 - Paint Correction & Ceramic Coating Detail

If you want a complete transformation to your paint, this detail is for you. 


Our goal is to remove 80-90% of defects through our multi-stage polishing process. Whether it’s water etching, lots of swirl marks, or just neglected paint that has seen one too many automatic car washes (not good!), this is the solution to bring back healthy, swirl-free paint with unbelievable gloss.  


**Since there's an extensive amount of polishing done to the paint to bring it back to a near-perfect condition, a ceramic coating is highly suggested to protect your paint from the elements (and to add great gloss + make maintenance much easier).**




With 1 year paint protection:

Small $899

Medium $999

Large $1099


With 2+ year ceramic coating:

Small: $1,299

Medium: $1,399

Large: $1,499


With 5+ year ceramic coating:

Small $1,699

Medium $1,799 

Large $1,899

Interior Detailing

Mini Interior Detail

This is our baseline interior detail and is a great rejuvenation for light to medium soiled interiors. Carpets are blown out with compressed air to loosen up dirt trapped deep in the fibers then thoroughly vacuumed. The doors, dash, and console are properly cleaned & conditioned for a nice satin, non-greasy finish. Attention is dealt to cracks & crevices, and leather is gently cleaned with a ph neutral cleaner.



1 row $125

2 row $150

3 row $175

Complete Interior Detail

*most popular*


This is the most intensive interior cleaning service we offer. All stains are addressed with 3 different stain removers. Carpets are shampooed and deep-cleaned with a hot-water extractor. Cloth seats are shampooed or leather seats are cleaned with a pH-neutral leather cleaner and then nourished with a conditioner to make them soft and supple. Plastics are steam cleaned to remove built up grime then conditioned leaving them looking rejuvenated with a non-greasy feel. This service is great for an annual cleaning and will hit the “reset” button for your interior.


1 row $225

2 row $250

3 row $275

Maintenance Package

This package was created as a maintenance detail for those who have had a full detail in the last couple months. We’re happy to perform this service on your vehicle if it hasn’t, but to get the most out of this cleaning, we suggest at least going with our level 1 exterior & mini interior first. The exterior gets a foam bath & hand wash using proper methods & techniques to greatly reduce surface scratches. A light cleaning is done to tires & rims, a spray wax is applied to the paint, and the tires are dressed. The interior gets blown out with compressed air then vacuumed, plastics get wiped down, and glass is cleaned inside & out.



Small $150

Medium $175

Large $199


*dog hair/sand/fecal matter/vomit will be an additional fee (to be agreed upon before service is performed). If the interior is extremely dirty, we will suggest a different service for you.

Other Services

Headlight restoration w/ceramic coating: $149

Engine bay detail: $75

Emblem debadging: By quote

Rim Polishing: By quote